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The legendary Biederman's Pub and Deli in Plymouth, NH was looking for an update. This landmark has been a go-to hangout for college students, locals and visitors for over four decades. Owners, Scott and Patti Biederman, wanted to engage new customers while honoring their loyal regulars with the re-brand. 


Inspired by a classic Biederman's tradition, Kiss the Moose, we connected the new logo to their core identity. Brand photography of their famous signature sandwiches, catering delights and ice cold beverages show why Biederman's has been Feeding the Spirit of the Spirited for over 45 years.  

Updated Branding and Logo

The mounted moose head is an iconic part of the Biederman's experience. This element is the central to the rebrand. The look is textured and fun, the color choices are bold — blending the traditional with the unexpected.

BD-CG Logo Section-02.png
BD-CG Logo Section-01.png
BD-CG Logo Section-03.png

Branding the Establishment — Inside and Out

These brand applications run the gamut — from signage and painted walls to napkin holders to TV slides. This brand was designed to be flexible. We used our custom product photography paired with typography to build this cool authentic vibe. 

Social Media Marketing Campaign

Seasonal promotions and mouth-watering photography frame social media content. Copy is concise, entertaining and reflects the overall tone of Biederman's. 


Website Design

The website is key! Customers can browse the menu, access current promos, catering, and more. 


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