Chase Street Market


Chase St. Market — a cornerstone of downtown Plymouth, NH — was ready for a refresh. The challenge: unify the look of the internal and external signage, product tags, menu boards, and uniforms. The brick and mortar brand application was just the beginning. CSM wanted to up their game on the digital front as well. This included a new website and enhanced social media presence. Additionally, they wanted to connect with their employees — to clarify expectations, building employee engagement and loyalty.


CG Studios provided comprehensive consulting, creative marketing, and design services — logo, branding, photography, and content creation — including high-level brand storytelling and marketing strategies. Consulting included a SWOT analysis and collaboration with key stakeholders to identify and define CSM’s vision and core values. Armed with these insights, we co-created the brand identity with CSM. This approach resulted in the execution of a consistent brand experience across all customer and employee touch points.

Updated Branding and Logo

A suite of logos and a robust brand identity was developed for CSM. The tomato is an easily recognizable graphic element that works well across multiple mediums. Three font styles and a broad color palette allow for a flexible and dynamic range of designs while staying on brand. 



Printed collateral included market signage, business cards, and a postcard. 

CSM-Business Card.FINAL_Page_1.jpg
CSM-Business Card.FINAL_Page_2.jpg

Employee Welcome Kit

CSM's key messaging was designed to inspire employees as well as customers. Their vision and values help to set expectation, guide behaviors, and transform employees into brand ambassadors. 


Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media platforms were used to launch the refreshed CSM website, to build recognition, and to encourage authentic engagement..


The creative approach framed Chase St. Market‘s offerings around time of the day — beginning, middle, and end — no matter where you are in your day, CSM has got you covered. Start your day … keep it going … finish it right! View the full site at 


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