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  • Dannielle Sargent

The Line, the Dot, and Wassily Kandinsky

Why do we love Wassily Kandinsky? What is it about Kandinsky’s work that captures our imagination? Is it his emphasis of basic elements that appeals to viewers even today? Is it his mastery of expressing ideas through images? Kandinsky believed art had the potential to change the viewer’s emotions. In his own work, he focused on form, color, movement, and balance; and he became a pioneer of abstract art. He was driven by a need to express inner beauty through non-objective art. This lack of focus on the object that made him a later champion of the Bauhaus school.

Like Kandisnky’s work, CG Studios has changed over time. We’ve grown and adapted. We are expanding our offerings even as we have gone back to our roots. We’re using new medium and reaching out.

Wassily Kandinsky wanted the viewer to stroll through his work, to move with the picture. Even 75 years after his death, he is still moving us.


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