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  • Dannielle Sargent

Why We Love Yayoi Kusama and the Dot

The priestess of polka dots, Yayoi Kusama is brave, fierce, vulnerable, and honest. Her work shows us that even this simplest element -- the dot -- can create images with stunning impact.

Kusama asks the eye to consider the dot. Her work makes the viewer question the meaning of the dot. What is the difference between an image with one dot, and an image with more than one dot? What happens between the dots? When does the shape of a group of dots become more significant than the dots themselves? When is something not just a group of dots, but rather, an image?

Yayoi Kusama took inspiration from and contributed to a variety of movements: minimalism, surrealism, feminism, pop art, abstract impressionism, Nihonga, and more. Early in her career, she wrote to Georgia O’Keefe: “I’m only on the first step of the long difficult life of being a painter. Will you kindly show me the way?”

At CG Studios, we also take inspiration from a variety of sources and movements in order to develop our clients’ vision; and we allow that vision to guide our work.

Of herself, Kusama said that she is “Only one polka dot among millions…” However, she is one dot with extraordinary impact.


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