• Dannielle Sargent

Masters with Modern Relevance: Meet Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton changed the way we see the universe. He gave us the ability to see into the sky through his reflecting telescope. Our grasp of motion is rooted in Newton’s Principa, which introduces his three laws of motion. He gave us calculus and universal gravitation. He was a brilliant mathematician and physicist, but I would argue that he was also a designer. Because of his experiments with prisms and light, we now understand color theory; and the implications for design are infinite. Designer constantly consider color. We explore primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary, analogous colors; shades, hues, tones, and tints… Because of Newton, we can now argue: RGB or CMYK? Though some of his theories have been disputed over the years (cough cough indigo cough cough), his work has had lasting consequences. His work in the 1660s paved the way for future discoveries and design applications.

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