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  • Dannielle Sargent

Why do we love Herbert Bayer’s Simplicity?

Herbert Bayer is a lesser-known but influential artist. While he was many things in the course of his career, his most lasting legacy lies in his work as a typographer who believed that less is more. He created a typeface that completely eliminated capital letters and serifs, a typeface free from any unnecessary marks. Bayer famously asked, “why should we write and print with two alphabets? … we do not speak a capital A and a small a.”

His universal alphabet became the preferred font for the Bauhaus, and his legacy resonates today in contemporary conversations about sentence case and title case. His influence is seen today in iconic fonts like Futura.

Herbert Bayer is a great example of someone who put theory into practice, making his word his work. He used simple forms to convey a powerful message. We take inspiration from Bayer. At CG Studios, our ideals are embodied in our work. We start with simple forms and basic elements; and from there, we communicate our clients’ messages.



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